SEE IT: Ghost Caught on CCTV in Missouri Dollar General


As Americans begin to prepare for the upcoming Halloween holiday, there will be no shortage of spooky stories permeating the pop culture.

‘Tis the season, so to speak, as we allow our imaginations to run wild, and we all come together to discuss our mutual experiences with the paranormal.

And now, thanks to modern advancements in digital video, a great many of these tales of spectral visitation come complete with chilling footage to back them up.

This week, just such a bit of evidence has emerged from Missouri, where security cameras inside a Dollar General store captured something bizarre.

A spooky video from a retail store in Missouri appears to show a full-bodied apparition manifest out of thin air. The remarkable piece of footage was reportedly captured last month in the back office of a Dollar General in the community of Humansville. Shared online by the Humansville Paranormal Society, the footage first features what appears to be a puzzling mist that forms in the air. After a few seconds, however, the substance seems to take on the shape of a person before it wafts across the room and vanishes.

There did appear to be some history of odd occurrences in the area.

According to area residents, the store was built atop the base of an “old brick water tower” and that workers at the store would often report hearing “cooler doors banging shut” as if propelled by an unseen force.

Skeptics have suggested that the “apparition” could be nothing more than some sort of digital artifact, or perhaps even a trick of light and dust.

You can judge for yourself below: