Video Game Is Creating A Culture Upheaval


If you haven’t been following the gaming scene lately, a massive debate has erupted surrounding the release of “Hogwarts Legacy” – the hotly-anticipated Harry Potter video game. For months prior to its February 10th launch date, gamers have been fiercely divided over this title and both sides are passionately defending their stances while also attempting to publicly shame one another.

J.K. Rowling’s position on womanhood and femininity has caused deep social strife, requiring the BBC to apologize for failing to confront her anti-trans activism. Regardless of how it’s perceived by some, this is an unwavering stance that celebrates what it truly means to be a woman – something which should be valued rather than deemed hostile or violent. Rowling has been accused of generating hate and attacks against various members of the LGBTQ+ community. Consequently, the launch of this new Potter game has to be viewed as a tool for spreading hatred.

Below is an example of nonsense.

The positive thing about the outrage is that it’s really highlighting the insanity coming from the very left, who are demanding total and complete allegiance. Who knew it would be the gamer industry that could be the catalyst to break the woke?

Imagine what people like Nina Jankowicz are feeling right now (LOL). Biden’s brief former Executive Director of the Disinformation Governance Board of the United States was part of a Harry Potter tribute band. She also sang songs about having romantic fantasies with the character.

Gaming media outlets take things to the extreme level of absurdity.

Also, before we go any further, we should pause to remember the only reason why the videogame “media” exists is to give the consumer a product review before they purchase. That’s it. What you are about to see is what it would look like if a guest on QVC just stopped reviewing a product and started a struggle session.

The Gamer is a prime example of this; they have been running an almost yearlong crusade against “Legacy.” Last week Editor in Chief Stacey Henley wrote an article basically affirming people who are being bullied online for playing the game.

Here’s how she concludes the piece…

Everyone is getting bullied over this game. I’m sure some people who are playing the game are dealing with comments that are nasty. I’m also sure that people who are playing it are equating reasonable objections and a lack of unanimous support as nastiness in place of any actual harassment. And I’m damn sure, more than anything else, that trans people are dealing with the most nastiness, day in and day out, both because of this game and just because they’re trying to live their lives. Write a news story about that, then we’ll talk.

The piece is actually an amazing piece of left-wing propaganda designed to guilt people.

I know, I know…why should I read a video game report?

Seriously read it. You’ll gain an understanding of what the younger generation is facing.

It is amazing to see that a video game is what is causing the woke to have a complete breakdown.