Video Evidence Shows Speech-Ripping Stunt was Choreographed Ahead of Time

It appears as though the Democrats can’t even feign their outrage correctly these days.

While President Trump blitzed through a long list of accomplishments during his Tuesday night State of the Union address, an ugly act of protest was brewing behind him on the dais.

There sat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, one of the President’s most vocal critics, and one of the architects of the now-defunct push to impeach him.  At the start of the night, as is tradition, President Trump handed both Pelosi and Vice President Mike Pence copies of the speech that he was about to make.  Then, when Pelosi went to shake the President’s hand, thanking him for the copy, Trump snubbed her.  Hard.

For the remainder of the speech, Pelosi fumed behind the Commander in Chief, clearly visible to all who tuned in.  Then, in a dramatic statement, Pelosi stood up and tore her copy of the speech in half just as Trump concluded his address.

Now, new video shows Pelosi actually practicing the speech-tearing stunt in order to make sure she got it right.

As with many other facets of the Democrats’ outrage, it appears as though this moment, too, was manufactured.