VIDEO: Boaters Film Mysterious Creature on Shoreline in Canada


With our handheld technologies developing ever more rapidly in the 21st century, some of the things that we’re able to do would have been downright dumbfounding to us when we were young.

For instance, could you imagine if someone told your younger self that you’d be able to use a wallet-sized device to listen to virtually any song, ever written, whenever you want?  Or that you’d never buy another map again?

Or that nearly every one of us would have a camera with us at all times?

And while we can lament the slow creep of techno-overreach in to our daily lives until we’re out of breath, there are some pretty incredible new realities that we get to explore…like a world where Sasquatch sightings are recorded for all the world to see.

The latest such incident comes to us from Canada, where a group of boaters spotted the mysterious creature and were quick with their camera phones.

An intriguing video from Canada shows a remarkably clear view of what appears to be a Bigfoot walking in a wooded area near a large body of water. The fantastic footage was shared online by the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization, which indicated that boaters in the northern part of Ontario had recently filmed the strange scene. Unfortunately, the specific time and location of the sighting as well as the identity of the witnesses are all unknown at this time. Be that as it may, the footage constitutes one of the more jaw-dropping alleged Bigfoot videos to appear online simply by virtue its unambiguous nature.

Some saw similarities with one of the most famous pieces of Bigfoot footage ever.

In the footage, the boaters are filming a nearby forested shoreline when a large bipedal creature covered in fur emerges from the woods and walks across an open area until disappearing back into the trees. Notably, the suspected Sasquatch boasts a coloring that allows it to largely blend into its surroundings and it swings its arms in a fashion reminiscent of the ‘star’ of the famed Patterson-Gimlin film. Unlike many purported Bigfoot videos, the footage is particularly interesting as the oddity in the footage is undeniably some kind of bipedal figure and it can be clearly seen for approximately six seconds, which is a rather long time for one to get such a glimpse of the elusive cryptid.

Some skeptics have suggested that the creature in the video was simply a bear walking upright for a brief period of time, but you can judge for yourself below: