VIDEO: Biden Has ‘Anchorman’ Moment, Reading Too Literally From Teleprompter


Where we used to see some slightly amusing instances of goofy gaffes from Joe Biden, we now find ourselves slightly concerned for the President’s mental health and cognition.

Biden has become a nonstop source of nonsense of late, with near-daily gibberish being sprayed from all corners of his public schedule.  He’s referred to Kamala Harris as “President Harris” on several occasions, he’s had trouble counting to three, and he’s read aloud the notes on the teleprompter as thought he was Ron Burgundy; the bumbling protagonist of the chauvinist satire film Anchorman.

This week the goof-ups continued as the President of the United States butchered a web address during a live speech.

President Biden faced backlash from yet another embarrassing gaffe on Monday while trying to share a website to stop fraud in his student debt handouts plan.

Biden announced the launch of an online application portal for those earning less than $125,000 per year receive up to $10,000 in handouts. Regarding criticisms of the plan, Biden also promoted the Federal Trade Commission’s website for reporting fraud.

However, Biden stumbled along promoting the FTC’s website, spelling out the word “dot” while giving the URL.

It was just as embarrassing as you’d imagine.

“If you get any questionable calls, please tell us by going to report fraud…report fraud, D-O-T, F-T-C, dot gov,” Biden said, for the website

The clip was soon making the rounds on social media.

Just weeks ago, Biden similarly flubbed a teleprompter speech by stating “repeat the line” aloud, as opposed to actually repeating the line.