US Accuses Third Nation of Engaging on the Ground in Ukraine


As Russian continues to completely and abjectly fail in Ukraine, the Kremlin is looking for help wherever they think that they can get it…and this effort includes cozying up to some of the most heinous authoritarian regimes in the world.

Their latest partner in war crime is Iran, who has not only been supplying the Russia army with much-needed “kamikaze” drones, but who the US believes is actively participating in the action as well.

The White House said Thursday that Iranian troops are “directly engaged on the ground” in Crimea supporting Russian drone attacks on Ukraine’s power stations and other key infrastructure, claiming it has troubling evidence of Tehran’s deepening role assisting Russia as it exacts suffering on Ukrainian civilians just as the cold weather sets in.

National Security Council spokesman John Kirby told reporters that Iran has sent a “relatively small number” of personnel to Crimea, a part of Ukraine unilaterally annexed by Russia in contravention of international law in 2014, to assist Russian troops in launching Iranian-made drones against Ukraine. Members of a branch of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps were dispatched to assist Russian forces in using the drones, according to the British government.

Consequences appeared to be on the horizon.

“The information we have is that the Iranians have put trainers and tech support in Crimea, but it’s the Russians who are doing the piloting,” Kirby said.

He added that the Biden administration was looking at imposing new sanctions on Tehran and would look for ways to make it harder for Iran to sell such weapons to Russia.

The news will almost certainly reignite fears that World War III may be on the horizon, as more and more nations become involved in this disastrous Russian invasion of Ukraine.