Rotten Meat and Metal Shavings Fed to Nat’l Guard Troops in DC

After rioters stormed the US Capitol on January 6th, the FBI began immediately warning the nation that this could all occur again in just a few weeks.  That’s because they had been hearing chatter, via surveillance, that far right forces were considering another attack on the Capitol for January 20th – the day of Joe Biden’s inauguration.

That attack never came, thank the lord, in part because of the tens of thousands of National Guard troops that were deployed to the nation’s capital at the time.

Now, as many thousands still remain today, there are some horror stories emerging that pertain to just how these troops were treated.

Members of Michigan’s National Guard have complained of receiving undercooked meals or food containing metal shavings during their stay in Washington, D.C., to protect the U.S. Capitol, according to news reports, as lawmakers from the state call for a new food provider.

The disclosures — which first surfaced in Michigan news outlets — were the latest reports of alleged mistreatment of National Guard personnel in the nation’s capital, where Guard members from several states were deployed both before and after the Jan. 6 riot.

The entire Michigan delegation in the U.S. House wrote a letter to the National Guard on Tuesday saying, “We understand that the decision was made to provide contracted meals to support the entire federal response stationed at the Capitol. However, it is clear that these contracted meals are poorly prepared, oftentimes inedible, and highly inadequate to support our soldiers.”

Michigan’s Governor, along with these other lawmakers, went on to condemn the treatment as “unacceptable”.