Uncle Ben, Aunt Jemima, and Mrs. Butterworth All Headed for Rebranding


As America continues to grow ever closer to the ideals of our founding fathers and their pleas for equality, there will be an extremely thoughtful and widespread discussion about the stereotypes that have existed within our society for some time.

After all, our nation was founded on the principles of liberty and justice for all, and all means all.

So as we learn more about what some of us find reprehensible, our nation is adjusting to become a more unified and inclusive environment…even at the grocery store.

The pancake syrup brand Mrs. Butterworth’s — known for its matronly woman-shaped bottle — will undergo a “complete brand and packaging review,” a spokesperson for Conagra Brands said Wednesday. The development comes after parent companies for Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben’s announced that the two product lines will see branding changes of their own.

“We understand that our actions help play an important role in eliminating racial bias and as a result, we have begun a complete brand and packaging review on Mrs. Butterworth’s,” Conagra Brands Communications Manager Dan Skinner told Forbes. The company added:

We stand in solidarity with our Black and Brown communities and we can see that our packaging may be interpreted in a way that is wholly inconsistent with our values. It’s heartbreaking and unacceptable that racism and racial injustices exist around the world. We will be part of the solution. Let’s work together to progress toward change.

The change to Mrs. Butterworth’s branding comes just hours after Aunt Jemima’s, another breakfast syrup brand, announced that they too would be making changes to their marketing scheme.

Similarly, the Uncle Ben’s brand of rice will also be reevaluating its branding and packaging.