Ukrainian Gov’t Gives Residents of Kyiv TERRIFYING Instructions


As Russian troops continue their unforgivable bombardment of the sovereign nation of Ukraine, residents of capital city Kyiv are being given some worrisome new guidance from the government.

Both western and European nations have been unwilling to commit troops to the battlefield in support of Ukraine on account of Russia President Vladimir Putin’s threats to use nuclear weapons against any interlopers.

And so the residents of Kyiv have been asked to prepare to defend their city themselves.

Ukraine has told its citizens to prepare Molotov cocktails to use against Russian soldiers as Vladimir Putin’s forces close in on Kyiv.

Russian troops were feared to be on the verge of entering the capital on Friday morning after the city was hit by “horrific rocket strikes” overnight.

And also:

Ukraine has urged its citizens to take up arms against enemy troops, with President Volodymyr Velensky telling his people that anyone who wanted them would be supplied with weapons.

“We will give weapons to anyone who wants to defend the country. Be ready to support Ukraine in the squares of our cities,” he said.

Without outside intervention, there is little doubt that Kyiv will fall in a matter of days, or possibly weeks, and the potential loss of life for the defiant Ukrainians could be simply awful.