Ukraine Pushes Russian Troops Back to Border in Stunning Counterattack


Moscow’s embarrassments continue to pile up this week, as Ukraine’s latest counteroffensive appears to be wholly decimating the Russian army’s previous advances.

For seven months and some change, Russian troops have been struggling to make headway in Ukraine.  Their only real successes have come at the expense of their reputation, with rape, torture, genocide, and other assorted war crimes providing what little movement the Kremlin’s fighting force has made.

Now, in a stunning rebuke, Ukrainian soldiers have sent the Russians fleeing all the way to their own border.

The Ukraine military’s stunning offensive gained momentum Monday, reclaiming several more northeastern villages and forcing the retreat of overwhelmed Russian troops from the region.

A Russian-installed official in the Kharkiv region said Ukrainian forces outnumbered Russian troops by 8-to-1 and had broken through to the Russian border. Vitaly Ganchev told the state-owned Rossiya-24 television channel on Monday “the situation is becoming more difficult by the hour.”

Russian leaders have found themselves now saddled with vast criticisms.

Kyiv’s sudden surge comes after months of little movement, save for Russia’s small gains in the Donbas region. The encouraging counteroffensive has lifted Ukrainian morale and prompted criticism within Russia of President Vladimir Putin’s “special military operation.”

Of course, Ukraine isn’t out of the woods yet, as a cornered animal is almost always more dangerous and unpredictable than one on the hunt, and Russia has already made allusions to the idea of using a “tactical” nuclear weapon to secure victory in their illegal invasion.