Ukraine Military Leader Says Nuclear War Still Possible with Russia


Just where exactly is Russia’s war with Ukraine going, exactly?  Will the Kremlin continue to ethnically cleanse the area until there are no Ukrainians left?  Or will Vladimir Putin simply snatch up the resources that he’s eying and move on?

In either case, Russia’s inhumane war against humane has continued unabated for seven months now, and there is no telling just when and where it will end.  Or, perhaps more worrisome, there is no telling just how it will end either.

Now, leaders within the Ukrainian military are suggesting that a rather terrifying possibility that could usher in the conclusion of the conflict…and it’s fairly ugly.

“There is a direct threat of the use, under certain circumstances, of tactical nuclear weapons by the Russian Armed forces,” commander in chief Valeriy Zaluzhnyi wrote in an article published by Ukrinform, a state-run media outlet. “It is also impossible to completely rule out the possibility of the direct involvement of the world’s leading countries in a ‘limited’ nuclear conflict, in which the prospect of World War III is already directly visible.”

Zaluzhnyi also acknowledged for the first time that Kyiv was behind strikes deep inside the Russian-occupied Crimea Peninsula in August. The air bases and ammunition depot that were hit were in areas previously thought to be out of range for Ukraine — but were part of its strategy to shift “the Russian Army’s center of gravity,” Zaluzhnyi wrote.

And that wasn’t all:

With the fighting all but certain to continue into 2023, Ukraine has to make the war “even sharper and more tangible for the Russians and for other occupied regions, despite the massive distance to the targets,” Zaluzhnyi wrote.

He called the Crimean strikes a “convincing example” of Kyiv’s calls for allies to send longer-range weapons for its outgunned soldiers. Moscow, he said, can hit 20 times farther.

Russia has been threatening to use it nuclear arsenal for months now, and often as a deterrent against foreign nations who would attempt to come to Ukraine’s rescue.