Ugly Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Coughs Up ADORABLE Suprise

When it comes to the year 2020, it truly does seem at times that nothing at all will go right.

This is the year of the pandemic.  The year in which the racial reckoning truly began.  This is the year in which our political system devolved into a shouting match between angry septuagenarians.

We can’t win for losing in 2020, and the massive Christmas tree set to adorn Rockefeller Center in New York City is no exception.

But, while the tree itself is less than perfect, a tiny stowaway is stealing the hearts of the nation.

A tiny owl is recovering after it was found tucked away in the branches of Rockefeller Center’s Christmas tree in New York City.

The Ravensbeard Wildlife Center in Saugerties, New York, said it received a telephone call on Monday morning from a woman who said her husband discovered the owl while working for the company that transports and secures the iconic tree in Rockefeller Center. The 75-foot Norway spruce was cut down last week in Oneonta, New York, and loaded onto a massive trailer before embarking on a 170-mile road trip to Manhattan, along with its feathered stowaway.

The couple had thought the owl — now named Rockefeller — was a baby due to its petite size, but the wildlife center said it is an adult northern saw-whet owl, one of the smallest owl species in North America.

“All baby owls are born in the spring, so the idea that there was a baby owl in November didn’t make sense,” the Ravensbeard Wildlife Center wrote in a Facebook post on Tuesday.

Rockefeller was taken to the Ravensbeard Wildlife Center, where a team of wildlife rehabilitators is giving the owl fluids and “all the mice he will eat.”

When Rockefeller is good and ready, the adult Saw-Whet Owl will be returned to the wild to live its life as it originally intended, before all the fuss of its recent journey.