U.S. Senator John Barrasso Said Biden’s Giving Americans Middle Finger with Woke ESG – Watch


This week President Joe Biden said that he would veto any attempt by Congress to protect the retirement savings American citizens have from ending up tied to ESG-obsessed entities. These are investments related to environmental and social governance.

U.S. Senator John Barrasso criticized the president for giving the middle finger to the middle class in the nation. 

Barrasso maintained that the GOP is committed to protecting American families’ retirement savings, and he lashed out at Biden for not caring about Americans who are worried about the returns of their retirement funds. 

The senator said that the president remains “more committed to his climate change agenda and his pipe-dream than he is to the American dream of hundreds of millions of American families.”

Barrasso noted that the Department of Labor has a “woke and weaponized bureaucracy” that has come out with new regulations on retirement funds. He said it will put these investments under the control of the “very liberal, left-wing agenda” that is under the banner of ESG. 

The new Labor Department rule will basically push private retirement account fiduciaries to look at a company’s policies on climate change as a part of their investment decisions. Usually, they must just look at a stock’s profitability or return on investment over time. This move will impact about 150 million Americans. 

Barrasso explained that means Americans “can’t invest in things that you might want to invest in, including oil and gas and coal and American energy. The reality is the investments that the Democrats are now mandating are things that don’t actually turn out to be good investments,” Barrasso explained. 

When analysts from Bloomberg studied this decision, they said that the return on ESG investments falls behind the market. That means that people who are led to invest in those companies will fall farther and farther behind. 

Thanks, Joe.