TX Gov. SCORCHES Biden, Says White House Hasn’t Even Spoken to Him About…


Of all of the crises that the Biden administration has been saddled with over the course of the last several months, perhaps none is quite as easily recognizable as the horrid situation at the southern border.

The election of Joe Biden to the White House set off a new wav of migrant surges, with many believing that the Democrat’s immigration policies would favor them and their chances to enter the country without major consequence.

As it turns out, the Biden administration’s hands-off approach to the border isn’t working, (no duh), and now a horrifying humanitarian crisis has developed….all while the White House remains mostly mum.

Things have gotten so out-of-hand that Texas Governor Greg Abbott appeared on Fox News this week to lament the Biden administration’s unwillingness to address the issue. 

Abbott said, “I have not yet heard from the president during this — his entire presidency concerning the border. The Biden administration refuses to even pretend as though there’s a crisis. And, obviously, as you’ve been talking about tonight, and as your viewers have seen for months now, there is chaos down there, especially in the Del Rio Sector.”

This week, worrying photos surfaced of Border Patrol chasing migrants on horseback with whips and ropes, which prompted only a tepid response from the White House.