Twitter Woes Multiply as Elon Begins Auctioning Off Entire Offices


Elon Musk’s tenure as head of Twitter has been a tumultuous one, as the eccentric billionaire’s first few days on the job were rife with layoffs, restructuring, and threats of some impending bankruptcy – despite spending $44 billion to purchase the platform.

Since then, things have only gotten worse.  Twitter has been consolidating office space to much small digs, while also allegedly refusing to pay rent at at least one of its locations.

Now it appears as though the company is attempting to auction off some of its in-office assets, leaving many to wonder what sort of shape the company is truly in.

Are you in need of some mid-century modern furniture, industrial kitchen equipment or audio-visual systems? Or looking to brighten up your apartment with a giant neon bird sign?

Then you’re in luck. Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters auctioned off “surplus corporate office assets” online for a fleeting 27 hours, giving potential lucky bidders the chance to take a piece of the struggling company home with them.

Auction house Global Heritage Partners is running the de facto fire sale, which closed at 10 a.m. PT (1 p.m. ET) on Wednesday and charged a buyer’s premium of 18%.

While some of the items were rather mundane, bidders had an opportunity to own unique pieces of Twitter’s history as well.

The 631 lots include office supplies like projectors and massive white boards (in both old-school and digital form), kitchen equipment from espresso machines to refrigerators (including a kegerator beer dispenser), a wide variety of chairs and couches and miscellaneous modern-day workplace staples like assorted power adapters and KN95 masks in bulk.

There’s also a bit of Twitter-specific memorabilia, including a six-foot-tall “@”-shaped planter sculpture filled with artificial flowers (with a high bid of $8,250), a blue neon sign in the shape of the app’s bird logo ($22,500) and a smaller, sturdier bird statue ($20,500).

Other notable items include a pizza oven ($10,000), a conference room-sized booth ($7,250) and several individual soundproof phone booths, packs of high-end desk chairs ($4,900) and sit-stand desks ($900) and two stationary bikes that double as recharging stations ($2,400).

Musk has suggested that Twitter is no longer in “the fast lane” to bankruptcy in recent days, but provided no specific details as to what he meant by that.