Tucker Carlson Calls DC Military Build-Up ‘Democratic Messaging’

After a crazed mob stormed the Capitol on January 6th, in an incident the left at least 5 dead including a Capitol Police officer, Washington DC went on lockdown.  This was, after all, a complete failure on the part of authorities in the city, and there is no way that they would let anything similar play out on inauguration day.

So they called in the National Guard – 25,000-plus of them.  They’re lining the streets and amassing in throngs around the Capitol.  They expect the worst because the FBI is telling them to expect the worst.

But Tucker Carlson sees something else in this buildup.  He sees a large subliminal message being sent by the Democrats.

From Monday night:

And it’s truly a national force. The Guardsmen you see in Washington have come from every state in the Union, as well as from Puerto Rico. And the question is, why is that? There’s no practical or operational justification for it. For decades, Washington, D.C. has the highest per capita law enforcement presence in the country and one of the highest in the world. So there was no need to fly in troops from Alaska to keep the city safe.

But keeping the city safe was hardly the point of the exercise. The murder rate in the District of Columbia has risen with terrifying speed over the last six months: men, women and children shot to death in the streets. But no one in charge seems to care about that or even notice their deaths.

So no matter what they are telling you, those 26,000 Federal troops are not there for your safety. Instead, unmistakably, the Democratic Party is using those troops to send the rest of us a message about power: “We’re in charge now.” We run this nation from Honolulu to our colony in the Caribbean, and everything in between very much, including where you and your family live. Do not question us. Men with guns enforce our decrees, we control the Pentagon.

President Trump is said to be planning a military-style sendoff for himself on Wednesday morning, possibly complete with a 21-gun salute and military flyover.