Trump Tells GOP House Members to Defeat Gun Bill


Over the course of the next several months, Americans will be examining and dissecting evidence of Donald Trumps influence on the Republican Party, in an attempt to feel out some potential crack in the armor of the former President.

Otherwise, it appears likely that Trump could just cruise through the candidacy process and right back into the White House – something that many on the left side of the aisle have not-so-subtly suggested would be akin to the end of the world as we know it.

And while Trump has notched several vicarious primary victories in his belt this year, perhaps a better test of his sway will come this week, as he instructs Republican members of the House of Representatives to rebuke a bill regarding the right to bear arms.

Former President Donald Trump is calling on House Republicans to vote against an 80-page gun control bill poised to pass the Senate this week.

Mr. Trump, in a statement on his Truth Social site, said the measure “will go down in history as the first step in a movement to TAKE AWAY YOUR GUNS.”

The legislation would provide incentives to states to implement so-called red flag laws, which allow law enforcement to take guns away from people deemed by a judge to be dangerous or mentally unstable.

Should Trump manage to conjure a change of heart within Congress, the Democrats will undoubtedly begin to panic in earnest.