Trump Team Alludes Answer On Debates – WATCH


It would appear that former President Trump and current Republican primary front-runner is not going to participate in primary debates.

Long-time Trump aide Jason Miller said that it is “unlikely” he will participate in the first two debates. Miller said that he sees Trump not participating like the top NFL team getting a bi-week.

“At the moment, President Trump has indicated that he’s unlikely to participate, at least in the first two debates. He’s up by 30, 40, and even new polling shows he’s up by almost 50 percent in certain places,” Miller said. “It really wouldn’t make much sense for him to go and debate right now with a bunch of folks who are down at three, four and five percent. Even [Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis], who’s the second-place candidate in the race currently, is at least 20, 30 or 40 points behind.”

“So ultimately, President Trump will make a decision as we get closer. He has not said anything definitive, one way or the other. I’m not expecting him to participate, though,” Miller said.

The long time Trump adviser alluded that the Trump team is looking past the primary and is focusing on Joe Biden.

“We look very much forward to taking on Joe Biden, which is really what this race is going to be about,” Miller said about Trump. “And at a certain point here, I think the other candidates, who are down at three, four and five percent, have to look in the mirror and say, ‘Hey, is this actually helping their candidacy? Or is it really just getting in the way of us beating Joe Biden next year?’”

Miller said that there is no final decision and Trump will make a decision on the matter when he feels the time is right.

Some say tough primaries make tough candidates. However, others say until there is some actual competition the early debates are a complete waste of the former president’s time.

But also remember this is a tried and true Trump tactic. Remember when the RNC sent Reince Priebus to Trump Tower to get him to sign the “loyalty pledge” (which he eventually did) in 2016? Then-candidate Trump was making them sweat and that’s what he does and there’s nothing wrong with it. Keep them guessing and control the narrative.