Trump Reportedly MIFFED at Republican Governor Because of…

When it comes to the 2024 presidential race, there is really only one thing that we know for certain:  Former President Donald Trump will be involved.

The Don hasn’t come right out and said it yet, which may very well be on account of how such a decision would affect the 2022 midterms, but  he’s made enough hints about it to quash any doubt that may have still existed.

But there are rumors of another potential GOP candidate out there who could pick up a massive number of the MAGA Movement’s voting bloc, and Donal dTrump would like him to come out and say that he’s not going to run.

Former President Donald Trump is said to be furious that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, a rising star in Republican politics, won’t publicly rule himself out of a bid for the 2024 presidency if Trump decides to stand.

Politico’s Playbook newsletter reported on Friday that Trump had been complaining to members and guests at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida that DeSantis hasn’t joined other potential rivals in making a public declaration that he won’t run for president in 2024 if Trump decides to.

Politico wrote that Trump told advisors that DeSantis had privately told him that he wouldn’t run if Trump does, “but that’s not enough for the former president – he wants DeSantis to say it in public.”

DeSantis has often appeared as though he’s attempting to raise his national profile, often through his heavy-duty work to tamp down Florida’s COVID-19 precautions.