Trump Posts ‘WWG1WGA’ During Late Night Truth Social Spree


For years now, followers of the Qanon conspiracy theory have been adamant about a secret war between Donald Trump and the Deep State that has been occurring under our very noses.

The community surrounding Q has grown ever more vocal in recent weeks as well, as Trump’s newest battle with the DOJ appears to have all the trappings of the original conspiracy and then some.

Now, as the Justice Department begins to attempt to win the PR battle over the raid on Mar-a-Lago by releasing some dramatically-staged photos of allegedly classified documents on the carpet in Trump’s Florida home, the former President is leaning hard into his Q-centric followers.

Former President Donald Trump spent Tuesday morning posting inflammatory messages on social media, including many explicitly promoting the QAnon conspiracy theory.

While Trump has in the past promoted QAnon-inspired accounts and theories, the posts on his Truth Social account were his most explicit, unobscured, QAnon-promoting and QAnon-baiting posts to date.

He even used their most sacred slogan.

In one, he reposted the QAnon slogan — “Where We Go One We Go All.” In another, he re-posted a 2017 message from “Q” that’s critical of the intelligence community. The QAnon conspiracy theory was built around Q, an anonymous account that posts periodically on 8kun, often with vague or symbolic language that is then interpreted by followers.

Online forums where Q followers gather were buzzing over the pseudo-endorsement, unsurprisingly, and the “WWG1WGA” verbiage was a large part of that.

Perhaps the only language that Trump could use to excite them more would be a phrase including reference to “the storm” – an alleged code word among Qanon fans that is meant to serve as a call to arms.