Trump on the Witness Stand?! One Dem Rep. Says YES!

There has already been a great deal of turmoil in American politics this week, as members of the two parties continue to bicker over just who will be steering an upcoming “select committee” to investigate the events of January 6th.

Now, after Pelosi’s banishing of a number of lawmakers tapped by the GOP to participate, the entire Republican delegation is opting out, completely tainting the coming investigator further.

Pelosi had promised that the probe would be both bipartisan and not a rehashing of the second articles of impeachment that Trump was saddled with, in which he stood accused by the Democrats of “inciting” the insurrection.

Now, in what could be seen as a last ditch effort to save face, one Dem Rep is pushing for Donald Trump himself to be called to the witness stands.

Rep. Ro Kanna, in speaking to CNN’s Jim Acosta, made it very clear that this is their goal.

Acosta asked, “On the January 6 Committee, should they try to bring in former President Trump to testify?

Khanna replied, “Yes, I don’t see how you don’t! They should bring in every relevant person to the hearings. It should be bipartisan, it should be factual. But how can you say that President Trump, who was giving speeches encouraging people to go into the Capitol, isn’t a material witness?”

The idea is a major long-shot, however, and doesn’t seem to have much precedent to draw from either.