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Trump Launches New Website, With Emphasis on Supporter Interaction

In the next few months, there is no doubt that we’ll be gaining a clearer picture of just what Donald Trump’s future political and personal life could look like.

The former President has vowed to remain politically active, already having delivered a blistering speech at CPAC that gave the nation the impression that Trump still sees himself as one of the driving forces in all of conservatism.  No. 45 also bluntly teased another run for office in 2024, which is truly the Democrats’ worst nightmare at this point.

This week, Trump also planted his flag online, with a new website that will allow his supporters to directly interact with the former President.

Former President Trump and former first lady Melania Trump launched a website Monday in what his office described as a bid to stay in touch with supporters and coordinate future appearances.

Trump’s representatives said the website, 45Office.com, “will allow individuals to submit correspondence, scheduling requests, and press inquiries for President and Mrs. Trump.”

“President and Mrs. Trump are continually strengthened by the enduring spirit of the American people, and they look forward to staying in touch,” Trump’s office said in a statement.

And, if there was any doubt that Trump would remain a piece of the American conservative scene…

Trump pledged to play an active role in Republican politics ahead of the 2022 midterm elections. He has already endorsed a number of candidates and detailed plans to back primary challengers targeting his political rivals, such as GOP lawmakers who challenged his claims that the 2020 election was rigged or who expressed support for impeachment proceedings against him.