Trump Agrees to 4 Hour Debate Hosted by Joe Rogan…Biden Silent

Even for the most staunch supporters of 2020 Democratic nominee Joe Biden, there are concerns.  This is a man who seems to have trouble staying on-script during even the briefest campaign events, and who has taken to insulting town hall attendees when he gets flustered.

And, with only a few short weeks left until the election, there’s no telling just how Biden will perform in the all-important debates.  These events are usually only an hour or two long, sure, but that seems like a tall order for the mentally questionable former VP.

President Trump must recognize this reality, however, and is now upping the ante on the debates by agreeing to a 4-hour event hosted by none other than Joe Rogan.

President Donald Trump on Monday endorsed the idea of a four-hour presidential debate moderated by podcaster Joe Rogan.

The president shared an idea from UFC fighter and special forces operator Tim Kennedy, who spoke about it in an interview with Rogan.

“On my podcast with @joerogan he offered to moderate a debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump,” Kennedy wrote on Twitter. “It would be four hours with no live audience. Just the two candidates, cameras, and their vision of how to move this country forward. Who wants this?”

“I do!” Trump wrote, sharing the idea with his followers[…]

The Biden campaign has been predictably silent on the idea, likely hoping that the challenge will be eclipsed by the day’s news cycle.