BOOM! Trump 2024 Campaign’s BIG MOVE Revealed!


You can almost feel the tension building on the right side of the aisle at the moment, as the midterm elections are set to break open, allowing for all of the patiently nascent machinations of the 2024 presidential contest to arrive.

Of course, the most fascinating and prominent question on the mind of the nation is whether or not former President Donald Trump will once again find himself in the electoral mix, or if his myriad legal and political problems will somehow force him to remain on the sidelines.

A rather large new clue in the former Commander in Chief’s planning has now arrived.

Former president Donald Trump and his team are eyeing a longtime Virginia operative to take on a senior role in his next presidential campaign, which could be announced shortly after the midterms, according to four people familiar with the matter.

No decisions have been made on the exact role that Chris LaCivita would take in Trump’s campaign, though discussions have included a possible role as campaign manager or senior adviser. LaCivita is a longtime Republican political consultant who helped lead the Swift Vets and POWs for Truth campaign against Democratic presidential candidate John F. Kerry in 2004 and who is now directing a super PAC tied to Trump.

Neither party was inclined to comment on the rumors.

“Thank you for the opportunity but I don’t comment on rumors!!” LaCivita wrote in a text message to The Washington Post.

A Trump spokesman did not directly address LaCivita when asked for comment.

“As President Trump continues to fuel the Republican Party’s march towards a historic Midterm Election, aiming to propel more than 300 endorsed-candidates into office and providing the energy that will turn out a record number of voters, America is rightfully hungry and excited to know what’s next,” spokesman Taylor Budowich said in a statement. “President Trump is focused on what’s important: Making America Great Again.”

Trump has been facing some growing opposition to his candidacy from within the ranks of the Republican Party, but given the enthusiasm that his voters bring to the electoral process, it will be hard to deny the former President a second chance at the White House.