Tiger King’s Carole Baskin Suggests Missing Husband is Still Alive


During the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, as all the world suddenly found itself locked away in their homes, wondering if the world itself was somehow ending, Netflix was suddenly steering a very valuable ship.

Not only were they about to see a massive uptick in screentime for their users due to the unprecedented global conditions, but they had also unleashed an unexpected hit called Tiger King:  A docu-series about a barely legitimate zookeeper who happened to be a rather consummate criminal.

The show was gritty and wild and showed us all a world that we’d never seen before, filled with a cast of characters that defied logic.

One such woman was Carole Baskin – a rival zookeeper whose husband had mysteriously disappeared years earlier, prompting suspicions about Baskin’s own potential culpability in his disappearance.

Now, a strange new twist to the tale has arrived.

Carole Baskin’s comments about her late ex-husband, Don Lewis, have sparked social media speculation that he may in fact be alive.

In “Tiger King 2,” a clip of Baskin is shown where she says she possibly received documents from Homeland Security detailing Don’s whereabouts. She’s denied ever being involved in her second husband’s disappearance.

While the show aired in 2021, fans have recently taken an interest in Carole’s story once again and have dialed in on the documents she seemed to provide from the popular Netflix series.

Here is where things get weird.

When contacted by Fox News Digital, Baskin provided a link to her Big Cats Rescue organization which showed a screenshot of paperwork from the episode.

Excerpts of the copied screenshot have been blacked out and appear to say, “Don Lewis is currently alive and well in Costa Rica.”

Baskin has reached out to authorities for further information.

“When they presented a letter that looks to be from Homeland Security saying that Don was alive and well five years after I saw him the last time … then I reached out to the FBI and said I want a copy of that letter,” she said. “I want to know what that says because part of it was redacted, and I don’t know who the people involved were.

“I don’t know how long it will take for me to get that, but I’m really curious about that.”

Netflix has been warning users that there could be an unprecedented crackdown coming for password-sharers, and a bombshell from the Tiger King series may just be what they need to keep some of their potentially-lost users interested.