There’s a New Number Two in the 2020 Race, and It’s Not Who You Think

With the Nevada caucuses just a few days away, the Democratic Party had better hope that they get their act together.

In a normal election year, the Iowa caucus is the contest that kicks off the meat-and-potatoes of the campaign season, but after a major voting app SNAFU tainted the Hawkeye State’s results, all eyes are on the Nevada contest to settle down the often tumultuous race.

In The Silver State, there is little doubt that Bernie Sanders will be the victor.  Some of the other candidates are already admitting as much.  But there is a new runner-up in the polling for the general election that has taken many by surprise.

Michael Bloomberg (D) is jumping behind Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) to second place nationally, a Zogby Analytics poll releasedMonday revealed.

The billionaire, whom Sanders has routinely railed against for attempting to “buy” the presidential primary, has made it to second place in a national poll, behind the socialist senator by just four percentage points — 20 percent to Sanders’ 24 percent support.

The former New York City mayor edged out Joe Biden (D) by two points and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), whose campaign has lost its momentum, by eight percentage points, dropping her to fourth place with ten percent support.

Bloomberg could even find himself on a debate stage in the coming weeks, where the nation could gain an idea of how the billionaire could stack up again incumbent President Donald Trump in a head-to-head matchup.