The Saga of Matt Gaetz Takes Another Sensational Turn

American politics is a scandal-ridden place at times, this is for sure.  There are no truly clean elected officials out there, it seems, and Americans aren’t even surprised anymore.

The skeletons in the closet come with the house, in other words.

But every now and then some story will erupt from the bowels of The Beltway that truly astonishes us.  Such is the case of Congressman Matt Gaetz, who this week was revealed to be under federal investigation for sex trafficking, and who gave a genuinely absurd interview to Tucker Carlson on the subject.  During that engagement, Gaetz left Carlson bewildered with a wild tale of extortion, ex-girlfriends, and the FBI.

Since that confusing dialogue took place, the story has gotten even crazier.  Gaetz now says it involves a secret search for a missing American military member and a $25,000 plot to sully the Gaetz name.

The latest turn in the case involves the use of party drugs.

A New York Times report about a Justice Department investigation into GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida includes an allegation that the lawmaker took the drug ecstasy before sexual encounters.

The Times report, published Thursday, described several unnamed sources as saying Gaetz had paid women for sex. Two sources told The Times that some of the people involved, including Gaetz, had used ecstasy beforehand.

Gaetz has denied ever paying for sex and has said that all the allegations against him are false.

During his time in Florida’s Legislature, Gaetz advocated requiring recipients of public assistance to pass a drug test.

We can only imagine that there are struggling writers in Hollywood just lapping all of this up, because there are few occasions in which such a truly insane story would ever be believable enough to capture on film.