Texas DPS Investigate Woman Over Pic In State Capitol


Blaze TV host Sara Gonzales recently made national headlines when she reported that a Texas Conservative mom/activist is facing jail time for a picture she didn’t take.

The incident took place on May 12, 2023, when the Texas House was considering Senate Bill 14 to ban child gender surgery which drew crowds on both sides of the issue.

During the day, a transgender woman (biological male) calling himself Nova Martin entered the lady’s room close to the House chamber.

About two years ago Martin moved to Texas and described himself as  “America’s favorite transwoman feminist lesbian druidess poet.” He says his work is “centered around critiques of economics, hegemonic magic, patriarchy, power and powerlust,” though he leaves “ample space for tangents of love poetry.”

One woman took a picture of Nova in the bathroom and reported the incident to the DPS officers at the Capitol. The officers said there was nothing they could do because they were worried about being sued for discrimination.

An unknown person posted the image of Martin in the bathroom and activist Michelle Evans posted it on Twitter causing the image to quickly go viral. That prompted Martin and his supporters to report the image to DPS who quickly acted at the prompting of the Travis County DA’s office. District Attorney Jose Garza – who recently sent Army Sargeant to jail for defending himself – claimed the image violates “state penal code, which prohibits photography or the transmission of a photo of a person in a bathroom with the intent to invade the person’s privacy.”

Evans was then detained by DPS, and her phone was taken despite her statements that she merely reposted the image from Facebook.

DPS is run by Steven McCraw, a political appointee of Gov. Greg Abbott, who appears to have lost control of members of his party.

Not only is Michelle Evans being investigated, was detained, and had her phone seized, House Republicans have impeached Attorney General Ken Paxton. Additionally, the top Republican in the House has given key positions to Democrats despite having a supermajority in the House.

What the heck is going on in Texas?