TERRIFYING: Video Shows FIRE TORNADO Tearing Through California

Out west, our nation is hurting.

Massive and unprecedented forest fires have been burning out of control for weeks, and unfortunately ahead of what is considered to be the “normal” fire season.

Beginning in California, these fires have already spread into Oregon, where the capitol city of Portland is now under threat, forcing over half a million people to evacuate their homes.

Not only are these fires burning at an ungodly 1500° in some places, but high winds have new brought us a terrifying new phenomenon:  The fire tornado.

A “fire tornado” scorched the area near Huntington Lake when the Creek Fire initially picked up in intensity last week, according to Huntington Lake Volunteer Fire Department Chief Chris Donnelly.

The large flames and high winds caused many trees to be uprooted in the old meadow area in front of Kennolyn Camps on the north side of Huntington Lake, Donnelly said of the scene he witnessed Sept. 5.

He and others captured the scene in photos and on videos that they hope to share with evacuees in the coming days.

On social media, users were already lamenting the fact that 2020 has been just the sort of year that would bring us such terrifying nonsense.

Stay tuned for October, when America is besieged by electric wind or hail made out of bullets.