Terrifying Footage Show Illinois Chemical Plant EXPLODE, Could Burn for DAYS!


When it comes to manmade disasters, there are but a few that stand out from the rest, at least in terms of severity.

First and foremost, there are nuclear disasters, such as what occurred in the 1980’s in Pripyat, Ukraine, when the Chernobyl nuclear power plant melted down, or more recently in Fukushima, Japan after a tsunami obliterated another nuclear energy site.

And then we have biological agent leaks, in which some manufactured or curated illness slips out into the mainstreams and thoroughfares of society, replicating and reproducing until the whole world is locked down.

Next, just before we got down to things like oil spills and illegal dumping, there are large scale chemical spills and fires, which can be deadly and debilitating for generations to come.

The people of Rockton, Illinois are learning this all-too-well this week.

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker has activated the State Emergency Operation Center to help coordinate the response to a massive chemical fire at a plant in Winnebago County.

The fire, which forced the evacuation of residents within a two mile radius of the Chemtool lubricant manufacturing facility in Rockton, could potentially burn for days, according to officials.

Pritzker announced Monday that personnel from a slew of state agencies and departments, including the Illinois Emergency Management Association, State Police, the Illinois National Guard and the Department of Public Health, have been activated and are participating in the response to the fire.

The enormous blaze, and subsequent explosions, were caught on video:

The scale of the fire was unbelievable.

Crews have evacuated the affected areas, but are fearful that the fire could continue to burn for several more days.