Ted Cruz SLAMMED After He’s Caught Abandoning Texas for Mexico Vacation

Politicians make mistakes.  This is just a fact of life.  They are human beings just like you and I, no matter how many times we wonder if they are secretly snakes or rats.

And there are some mistakes that we can forgive them for.  They are in the public spotlight, and that sort of existence lends itself to increased scrutiny.  It’s a contract that we have with these folks, so a little bit of elasticity exists in our forgiveness.

But Ted Cruz, Senator from Texas, may have just crossed a line in this ethical battle.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz traveled to Mexico on Wednesday for a family vacation as his home state struggled with a powerful winter storm that left many residents without power or safe drinking water.

The high-profile Republican lawmaker went for a long-planned trip to Cancun and was expected to return almost immediately, according to a source with direct knowledge of the situation who spoke on the condition of anonymity to share private conversations.

Spokespersons for Cruz’s office did not immediately respond to request for comment Wednesday night or Thursday.

The revelation opens Cruz, a key ally of former President Donald Trump, to fierce bipartisan criticism in Texas and beyond as he contemplates the possibility of a second presidential run in 2024. The two-term senator’s current term expires in early 2025.

Texans are enduring a tragic humanitarian crisis this week, as power companies throughout the state were unable to keep and maintain electricity in crucial establishments, such as hospitals and water treatment plants.

As of this writing, nearly 7 million Texans are under a boil-water advisory.