Tapper and Jonhson Have Debate On CNN Over Border


CNN anchor Jake Tapper learned a valuable lesson on Wednesday – you don’t mess around with House Speaker Mike Johnson. As Tapper desperately tried to defend President Joe Biden’s disastrous border policies, Johnson calmly and persistently brought facts to the table. By the time their segment ended, Tapper and CNN looked like nothing more than Biden mouthpieces.

The heated exchange began when Johnson and over 60 House Republicans traveled to the border town of Eagle Pass, Texas to witness the dire situation firsthand. Meanwhile, Biden continues to seek Republican support for additional aid for Ukraine and Israel instead of properly addressing the crisis at the southern border

In response to Tapper’s suggestion that Biden had already visited the border last year, Johnson dismissed it as a mere photo-op and challenged the president to spend a few days on the ground with those fighting the border battle. As the estimated number of illegal aliens entering the country under Biden’s watch is over 9 million, Johnson raised concerns over the potential national security threats posed by individuals on the terrorist watchlist.

Tapper, however, attempted to downplay the severity of the situation, claiming that there are not “hundreds of known terrorists getting into the country.” Johnson promptly corrected him, reminding Tapper that it takes a lot to make it onto the terrorist watchlist and that these individuals are dangerous as they make their way into the US.

When Tapper claimed that additional funding would help the situation, Johnson again corrected him, citing a quote from the deputy chief of the US Border Patrol who stated that they don’t need more personnel to handle the influx of migrants, they need to turn the flow off. Despite Johnson’s repeated attempts to explain the dire situation on the ground, Tapper insisted on mentioning former President Donald Trump and claiming that even he couldn’t fix the issue.

“No, actually, they don’t. I just quoted to the deputy chief of [the] U.S. Border Patrol. And he said he doesn’t need more buckets. In other words, he doesn’t need more personnel to handle the flow. He needs to turn the flow off. That’s what we’re talking about. This is not about sending more money down here. It’s about changing the policy, and the White House seems not to understand that,” Johnson stated.

In the end, Tapper and CNN appeared as nothing more than Biden’s mouthpieces, desperately trying to deflect and minimize the crisis at the southern border. From misrepresenting facts to downplaying the seriousness of the situation, Tapper’s biased interview style exposed CNN’s blatant bias and lack of journalistic integrity. It’s time for the mainstream media to start reporting the truth instead of pushing political agendas.

Watch the full interview below: