Taiwan Takes Aim at Chinese Aircraft in Shocking Escalation


For weeks now, fears of World War III have been percolating just outside of the mainstream media, as a number of authoritarian regimes begin to accumulate relationships and bring aggression to their immediate regions.

The latest to seemingly join this axis of tyranny is China, who’ve been threatening Taiwan with military drills and provocative propaganda for months on end.  When US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taipei weeks ago, the trouble began to simmer hotter, as the move appeared to signal to China a shift in US policy toward the island nation.

This week, things took another turn toward trouble as Taiwan fired shots at a Chinese drone.

Taiwan fired warning shots at a Chinese drone that buzzed an offshore islet on Tuesday shortly after President Tsai Ing-wen said she had ordered Taiwan’s military to take “strong countermeasures” against what she termed Chinese provocations.

It was the first time warning shots have been fired in such an incident amid a period of heightened tension between China and Taiwan, which Beijing views as its own territory. Taiwan strongly disputes China’s sovereignty claims.

Taiwan did not appear to damage the aircraft.

The drone headed back to China after the shots were fired, a military spokesman said.

American President Joe Biden appeared to suggest several weeks ago that any Chinese action taken against Taiwan would be met with an American military response – a statement that contradicted decades of American military doctrine.