Swastikas and Threatening Vandalism Discovered at US Memorial for Anne Frank

Hate groups around the world appear to be crawling out from whatever slimy cocoon they’ve been hiding in for the last several decades, looking to sow their bigoted seeds from coast to coast here in the United States.

The latest bit of vile vitriol comes to us from Boise, Idaho where the only Anne Frank memorial in the USA was targeted once again.

The only Anne Frank memorial in the US was defaced this week with stickers bearing swastikas and the words “We are everywhere.” Boise, Idaho, police chief Ryan Lee called the vandalism, which happened late Monday, “absolutely reprehensible” and said the department has reached out to the Anti-Defamation League, USA Today reports. The stickers were placed on statues, including a life-sized one depicting the 15-year-old Holocaust victim holding her famous diary as she and her family hid from the Nazis. The vandals also targeted a photo of Bill Wassmuth, a former Catholic priest who confronted neo-Nazis in northern Idaho.

Locals are now looking for ways to curb such actions.

Dan Prinzing, executive director of the Wassmuth Center for Human Rights, which maintains the site, says the center plans to expand the security system at the memorial. The site, which was dedicated in 2002, was also targeted in 2017, when vandals who left anti-Semitic graffiti caused $20,000 in damages. “It’s a sad statement in our community to have such a public statement of hate,” Prinzing tells the Idaho Statesman. “Is this what we’re becoming?” he asks. Lee says police “are committed to ferreting out … those who would foment hate in the community.” (Read more Anne Frank stories.)

The memorial itself was also similarly defaced less than one year ago.