ICYMI: Suspected ‘QAnon’ Architect Announces Bid for Congressional Seat

Of all of the off-shoot political movements that we’ve seen in America over the course of the last several years, perhaps none was as unexpected as ‘QAnon’ – a name given to a somewhat loose band of online forum dwellers who believed that they were following along with a secret war between Donald Trump and the Deep State, all being telegraphed by a mysterious online poster.

Now, one of the men closely associated with the ‘Q’ phenomenon, (and who is believed to have possibly engineered the entire thing), is planning on taking his political activism offline and into the real world.

Ron Watkins, the former 8chan administrator widely rumored to have seeded the QAnon conspiracy theory, has said that he intends to run for a congressional seat in Arizona.

In a video posted on his Telegram channel on Thursday, Watkins said that he had decided to “double down with God as my compass to take this fight to the swamp of Washington DC.”

“I am here to formally announce my run for Congress in Arizona,” he said. “Under God’s authority, we will take back Congress, flip the Senate and fix the presidency.”

The announcement was backed up by some legitimate preparations as well.

Earlier, an email address associated with Watkins had filed a “statement of intent” with the office of the Arizona secretary of state to run for a congressional seat, Dylan Rosenblatt, a journalist for a local NPR affiliate first reported.

Watkins has been a bit of controversial figure in the QAnon community of late, however, as many followers of the online posts believe that he may be attempting to cash in on Q’s popularity.