Sununu Comments On Trump Statement


New Hampshire Republican Governor Chris Sununu has sparked controversy with his recent comments regarding former President Donald Trump. The governor appeared on NBC News’s “Meet The Press” and expressed concern over a statement Trump made last week, claiming that presidents should have “total immunity” from criminal prosecution.

The topic arose after Trump took to his new social media platform, Truth Social, to assert that a president “MUST HAVE FULL IMMUNITY” from criminal prosecution, even for actions that “cross the line.” Sununu, however, denounced this idea, stating that, “of course not” should a president have total immunity.

The governor went on to stress his belief that “everyone should be concerned” about such a mentality going into the White House, regardless of their political affiliation. Sununu argued that Trump’s seriousness in making this statement should set off alarm bells for the American people.

Despite these concerns, Sununu stood by his previous pledge to support Trump should he become the Republican nominee for president once again. He explained that “most Republicans” would ultimately get behind the nominee, regardless of their personal opinions.

Sununu also took the opportunity to criticize President Joe Biden, claiming that the current administration’s actions have made it easier for even staunch Trump opponents to get behind the former president. He listed issues such as inflation, weak international presence, and a lack of border security as reasons why Biden’s time in office has been a disappointment.

The governor stated that Biden’s incompetence is so evident that even Democrats are acknowledging it. He also pointed out the growing frustration among Americans, especially middle and low-income families, with the current state of the country.

Sununu urged voters to take action and make their voices heard at the ballot box. He argued that if they wanted to prevent Trump from reclaiming the presidency, they must show up to vote and make their voices heard.

Some have criticized Sununu for his continued support of Trump, citing the former president’s controversial rhetoric and actions during his time in office. However, the governor stands by his decision and maintains that his support is based on the belief that Trump is a better choice than Biden.

Meanwhile, Democrats have used Sununu’s comments to bolster their own arguments against Trump, claiming that even a fellow Republican governor sees the dangers of having the former president back in the White House. They argue that this is further proof of the need for change in the upcoming elections.

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