Staff at White House Won’t Watch Biden Speeches Citing Mental Health Concerns

This is perhaps one of the sadder headlines regarding any American President since the mid-60’s, and reveals just how true some of Joe Biden’s offhanded quips really are.

The President has long held a reputation for being unable to avoid gibberish.  He blathers and babbles at times, often misspeaking and misremembering, and almost always providing some sort of SNAFU soundbite to the American people.

The situation has prompted many here in the US to wonder whether or not Joe Biden’s mental cognition is fading.

And, as it turns out, it has also prompted the White House staff to suffer from seem mental health issues of their own:  Namely anxiety. 

White House staffers admit they switch off or mute President Joe Biden’s public appearances out of anxiety, according to a report.

Politico reports White House staffers cannot bear to watch the president speak because they are “filled with anxiety.”

Biden sometimes takes questions from reporters, failing to stay on script of his carefully prepared messaging strategy or increasingly drawing a hostile reaction from gathering crowds.

During Biden’s recent trip to survey hurricane damage in the northeast, a number of bizarrely-botched remarks were recorded.

During a speech in New York on Tuesday, Biden made three different errors — calling New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand “Kristen,” vowing to make electricity production carbon neutral by “2020,” and spoke about wildfires spreading “wisely” across the country.

Earlier Tuesday, Biden spoke about tornados in New Jersey, telling those present that “they don’t call them that anymore.”

Biden has repeatedly told reporters that he’d be “in trouble” if he stayed to answer more questions, in a quip that many worried might have had some truth to it.