South Lawn ‘Direct Energy Weapon’ Attack Stumps Investigators

Around the world, governments with ill-intent are busy developing secret weapons that sounds like they could have been invented in some comic book from the 50’s.  Hyper-sonic space missiles, space lasers, and yes, even direct energy weapons.

It’s that last one that officials believe may have been responsible for a series of attacks that occurred in recent years, including one at the White House, and one that targeted White House staff at their home.

Federal agencies are investigating at least two possible incidents on US soil, including one near the White House in November of last year, that appear similar to mysterious, invisible attacks that have led to debilitating symptoms for dozens of US personnel abroad.

Multiple sources familiar with the matter tell CNN that while the Pentagon and other agencies probing the matter have reached no clear conclusions on what happened, the fact that such an attack might have taken place so close to the White House is particularly alarming.

Defense officials briefed lawmakers on the Senate and House Armed Services Committees on the matter earlier this month, including on the incident near the White House. That incident, which occurred near the Ellipse, the large oval lawn on the south side of the White House, sickened one National Security Council official, according to multiple current and former US officials and sources familiar with the matter.

And also..

In a separate 2019 episode, a White House official reported a similar attack while walking her dog in a Virginia suburb just outside Washington, GQ reported last year.

A number of US personnel who were stationed in Cuba experienced a similar issue beginning in the latter months of 2016.

So far, there are few clues as to who the culprit could be.