‘Sound Of Freedom’ Is Drowning Disney


What’s ironic about this whole situation is that Disney owned the rights to the “Sound of Freedom” when they acquired Fox Pictures in 2019.

The movie was in early production however, Disney scrapped it and put the film on the shelf.

Well, it’s out for revenge and it’s drowning the entertainment powerhouse.

Indiana Jones is one of the most iconic franchises out there but now that Disney owns it they’ve ruined it. The film cost $295 million to produce and current predictions show the film is probably going to end up earning around $82 million.

That’s bad enough but they are also taking a beating from the film “Sound of Freedom.”

The film, based on the true story of government agent Tim Ballard beat Indy on opening weekend.

Look after what has taken place over the last few years Hollywood has taken a nose dive. Part of the success of the “Sound of Freedom” isn’t just because the movie highlights a hard-hitting topic. It’s because it’s an original film that’s something different from the rehashed film franchise we see time and time again. There’s no originality anymore and the Jim Cavesal film is just a good movie.

Hollywood just keeps going to a well that’s dry. Disney pumps out Marvel movie after Marvel movie, there’s like 500 Fast and Furious movies, and now we are seeing the fifth Indiana Jones movie.

On top of that, the Hollywood empire got embarrassed by Mel Gibson and Jim Caviezel (again).

According to Hollywood, those two were supposed to never come back after they were blacklisted for taking the box office by storm with “The Passion Of The Christ.”

Mel Gibson has used faith based movies to poke at Hollywood and they can’t stop him. Films like “Hacksaw Ridge” continue to preform well and it is driving the left crazy.

Sure Indiana Jones is probably going to beat the “Sound of Freedom” in total numbers. But nobody is talking about Indiana Jones it’s all about the “Sound of Freedom” and it’s drowning Disney at the box office.