Snake Island Changes Hands as Russia RETREATS!


This invasion of Ukraine has been rather embarrassing for Russia, as morale and military might both seem to be in short supply despite the serious glut of movies that came out in the late 20th century depicting terrifying, stone cold killers.

Not kids who can’t fake a girl back home to fake a marriage with to get sent home.

Now, in a victory for not only the Ukrainian military but also for the spirit of the people throughout the nation, the infamous Snake Island has been retaken.

Russian forces have hastily withdrawn from the infamous Snake Island in the Black Sea in a strategic victory for Kyiv, Ukrainian military officials said Thursday.

Ukraine’s Operational Command “South” took to Facebook to announce that following a coordinated overnight missile strike “the opponent hurriedly evacuated the remains of the garrison.”

The command posted a picture that showed the island covered in fire, black smoke and the aftermath of heavy missile fire.

Snake Island already has a rather fabled legacy among the people of Ukraine…and the world at large.

Snake Island gained notoriety in the first days of the war after Ukrainian soldiers infamously refused an ultimatum to surrender or face death.

A Ukrainian guard responded over the radio and said, “Russian Warship, go f— yourself.”

All 13 Ukrainian servicemen were originally thought to have been killed after contact with the soldiers had been lost.

It was later revealed they had been taken as prisoners of war.

The profane epithet has been a battle cry for the Ukrainian people from the moment that it hit the news at the onset of the war.