Sen. Warren Says Lawmakers Need A Raise


Just when we thought Sen. Elizabeth Warren couldn’t get any more out of touch, she’s now advocating for a pay raise for members of Congress. Yes, you read that right. A raise. As if our elected officials aren’t already living lavish lifestyles and raking in big bucks from corporate donors.

Warren, who often portrays herself as a champion for the middle class, seems to have forgotten that most Americans struggle to make ends meet on a fraction of what she earns. But according to her, members of Congress deserve to be paid more, because they have to maintain “two homes” in different parts of the country. Cry me a river.

“Everyone working in government should be paid more: members of Congress and their staffs,” the Massachusetts Democrat told Business Insider this week.

“Congress should not be the plaything of multimillionaires and billionaires who’ve already secured their fortunes and don’t care about earning a living to support their families,” she added.

Since 2009, members of the House and Senate have been paid an approximate annual salary of $174,000.

But it’s not just Warren pushing for a salary boost for herself and her colleagues. Republican Rep. Patrick McHenry of North Carolina has also joined the chorus, claiming that members of Congress just can’t compete with the salaries offered by lobbying firms. Because apparently, making laws and serving the American people isn’t enough of a paycheck for these power-hungry politicians.

And let’s not forget about Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who has long been vocal about her disdain for “low” congressional salaries. Because, you know, living in one of the most expensive cities in the world and not being able to afford a designer handbag must be a real struggle.

But don’t worry folks. These lawmakers have a solution. They want to dip into our hard-earned tax dollars to fund their pay raises. That’s right, they want to use our money to fund their already extravagant lifestyles. The nerve of these entitled politicians never ceases to amaze me.

It’s clear that members of Congress are out of touch with the struggles of everyday Americans. They have no idea what it’s like to live paycheck to paycheck or to choose between paying bills and putting food on the table. And yet, they have the audacity to ask for more money for themselves and their staff.

But hey, at least Warren has a plan for everything, including how to make our government a playground for the wealthy. Nothing says “champion of the people” like advocating for higher pay for yourself while the rest of the country continues to struggle.