SEE IT: Women’s National Soccer Team’s National Anthem Stunt

As a child or pre-teen, many of us experienced the kind of cruel-hearted venom that can only be conjured by a human being who is looking to explore the furthest reaches of their emotional depth.  At this age, we take everything to the extreme:  Love and hate are both marked by tantrums that just look slightly different, as our raging development pushes us to commit unspeakably cruel acts on one another.

In many cases, the less-witty among us will choose to be vicious in personal, over-the-top sort of ways, looking not to make a point, but to cause as much grief as possible.

It’s vitriol without value, and hyperbole for the sake of harm and harm alone.

For many patriots in America, this is how it feels to see folks protesting during the National Anthem:  Empty yet purposefully-deriding insults that look to get a reaction, but fail to provide any actionable response.

This weekend, the trend continued. 

Several members of the U.S. Women’s National Team (USWNT) turned away from the flag as a 98-year-old WWII veteran played the national anthem.

The incident occurred Monday, just before the USWNT took-on Mexico in their final tune-up before the Tokyo Olympics.

The moment was shared on social media, where several users took to roasting the team.

With the Tokyo Olympics now just weeks away, many are predicting that the games will be marred with similarly “woke” protests.