SEE IT: Wild New UFO Videos Emerge from Idaho


America’s obsession with UFO’s has been around for decades, thanks in no small part to the alleged crash of a flying saucer in Roswell, New Mexico back in 1947, and has been escalated in recent years due to our newfound ability to pull a rather powerful camera out of our pocket at any given time.

It certainly doesn’t hurt to have the US government finally admitting that these encounters are legitimate and releasing their own captured footage of physics-defying aircraft vastly outmaneuvering even the most advanced military vehicles in the world.

The latest strange encounter comes to us from the Gem State, where a woman has had multiple sightings over the course of several nights.

A woman in Idaho was left scratching her head when she spotted some puzzling UFOs zipping through the sky and then seemingly saw the same objects again the following night. The strange set of sightings reportedly began on Sunday evening in the city of Idaho Falls when the witness, identified as Christina, noticed a curious aerial anomaly that was illuminated by the setting sun. Recounting the incident on a Facebook group devoted to discussing the weather in the state, she marveled that “it was all over the place. I was watching it with my scope, but couldn’t keep up with it as it was bouncing so quickly from one side to another then up and down.”

Christina was ready next time.

Lamenting that she had been “caught off guard without the right gear” at the time of the sighting, Christina managed to rectify the situation the following evening when the objects once again appeared in the night sky and she had her equipment at the ready. In this instance, she was able to capture video of the oddities using a spotting scope to zoom in on the strange scene. At one point during her second sighting, five of the orb-like object can be seen in the sky, though focusing in on them proved to be difficult as they were flying in an erratic nature at a considerable rate of speed.

The strange footage can be seen below: