SEE IT: Trump Meets with Hannity, McCarthy, & Others at DC Golf Course


Former President Donald Trump made an unannounced and unexpected visit to Washington DC on Monday, sparking a vast and unbridled amount of speculation as to what the trip could mean.

For many, the consensus was that he was possibly visiting Walter Reed Hospital for a physical or some other routine appointment.  Others, somewhat irrationally, believed that the former Commander in Chief was set to surrender himself to be arrested by the DOJ despite no charges having been filed against him.

But perhaps the truth was stranger than fiction in this case, as Trump was seen gallivanting around his DC-area golf course with the likes of Sean Hannity, Kevin McCarthy, and others…but with no golf clubs in tow. 

Donald Trump was spotted on the greens of his Virginia golf course on Monday in a sighting that prompted wild speculation due in no small part to recent events.

The former president was seen in pictures touring the grounds of the Sterling property alongside a number of men including Brad Enie, his director of grounds for the club. It wasn’t immediately clear, but pictures appeared to indicate that Mr Trump was inspecting or giving a tour of his club’s golf course with Trump Organization figures.

Trump himself called it a “work” day.

“Working today at @TrumpWashingtonDC on the Potomac River. What an incredible place!” he wrote on Truth Social.

Donald Trump talks to aides and advisers at Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Virginia (AP)
Donald Trump talks to aides and advisers at Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Virginia (AP)

That wasn’t enough of an explanation for Twitter, however, which began a frenzy of speculation early on Monday morning after it was announced first that Mr Trump was flying to the DC area.

There was no telling what this particular meeting of the minds was all about, but that didn’t stop the liberals of Twitter from indulging in rampant speculation, most of it fictionally nefarious for no other reason than their own disdain for The Don.