VIDEO: Man Films Entire FLEET of UFO’s as Onlookers Gasp


Now that we have a better view of our recent past, having been living in constant connection to the news for the better part of the last three years, it is becoming rather apparent that this whole human experience is tilting sideways.  We’re careening off the tracks.  We’re tumbling head over haunches through a strange, dangerous new world, and just about anything has felt possible.

We are living through a time where the unprecedented becomes commonplace, and where there doesn’t appear to be any limit to what revelations lay before us.

Perhaps that is why some recent footage out of Illinois has people wondering:  Is 2022 the year that we make contact with an alien life form?

A peculiar piece of footage circulating online shows several mysterious orbs floating through the night sky in Illinois and some suspect that the odd glowing objects could be alien in nature. The intriguing sighting was reportedly occurred in late November in the community of Beach Park, but was only reported to the research organization MUFON this past week. According to the unnamed witness, the curious objects appeared to be flying in formation towards Lake Michigan and “vanished in mid air.” Fortunately, despite being bewildered by what they were seeing, the observer managed to capture the remarkable sighting on film.

The images are incredible.

The puzzling video begins with a trio of lights first appearing in the sky and the initial thought it that perhaps it is a triangular UFO. However, the scene gets even stranger when the amazed witness notices what they describe as a flotilla of five additional glowing orbs suddenly appear on the horizon. To their credit, the person behind the camera does an admirable job of trying to follow the lights, thought the anomalous objects largely remain indecipherable despite the individual’s best efforts to ‘hunt’ the UFOs.

Take a look at the video and see for yourself: