SEE IT: GOP Staffers Play Beer Pong, Smoke Cigars to Defy Pelosi Mask Rules


When Nancy Pelosi decided that she would be reinstating the House mask mandate, she must have known that she’d signed up for a fight over it.

Madam Speaker has been locked in a mask battle with large contingent from the GOP for months now, as personal freedom advocates on the right side of the aisle continue to constantly rail against any and all such precautions.

This week, Pelosi appeared to have had enough, and commanded the Capitol Police to arrest anyone who stepped foot in the building and refused to wear a mask.

The Capitol Police then royally embarrassed Pelosi by releasing a statement via Twitter indicating that nobody was going to be arrested in connection to the mask mandate.

This seemed to neuter any sort of gumption that Pelosi had previously mustered, and soon a number of GOP staffers were adding insult to injury.


One has to wonder if Nancy Pelosi has lost her control of the House of Representatives completely at this point.