SEE IT: After Decades, ‘Best UFO Photo Ever’ is Revealed


The truth is out there, they say, but no one has yet to figure out exactly where out there is.

Americans have long been obsessed with the subject of UFO’s; flying saucers from some distant place, whether that be the cosmos above us or some intra-dimensional portal, that allegedly visit our planet for some random reason or another.

Of course, mainstream science hasn’t quite decided what to make of the evidence, which is often blurry, anecdotal, or just plain bad.

But this week, a revelation arrived in the form of one of the clearest UFO photos ever taken…from all the way back in the 1970’s.

A new high-resolution print of what has been called “the most convincing UFO photo ever” has been released 50 years after it was first taken.

Aerial photographer Sergio Loaiza was using a 100lb map-making camera as he flew over Costa Rica on a mission to survey land ahead of the construction of a hydroelectric project near the Arenal Volcano in the South American country’s northern highlands.

As he flew over Lake Cote at an altitude of around 10,000 feet, Loaiza took multiple high resolution black and white photos of the lake and surrounding rainforest at 20 second intervals.

The next thing you now, there was something otherworldly in one of the photographs.

In one frame, time-stamped at 8:25am, a shiny metallic disc – a classic alien “flying saucer” can be seen apparently flying between Loaiza’s twin-engined Aero Commander F680 aircraft and the ground.

The seriously-detailed photograph was soon all over Twitter.

The photo’s release comes as Americans continue to pressure their federal government to disclose whatever information they possess regarding the phenomenon of UFO’s and UAP’s.