Second Amendment Infringed Upon AGAIN in Commonwealth of Virginia

American firearm advocates are once again incensed at the news coming out of the Commonwealth of Virginia, as the Second Amendment has fallen under attack.

For months there have been concerns that the state’s new Democratic majority would be emboldened by their mandate, and thusly target the right to bear arms in Virginia as a whole.  This fear has set up a showdown in the Virginia statehouse, where Republican lawmakers have been simply outnumbered.

The latest legislative maneuver may be one of Old Dominion’s most dastardly yet.

Democrats in Virginia’s House of Delegates passed legislation Tuesday to ban suppressors, “high capacity” magazines, and “assault weapons.”

The bill, HB 961, now moves to the Virginia Senate.

HB 961 originally banned certain commonly owned firearms and suppressors without exception, The NRA-ILA reports that the bill amended to secure passage. The result is that a grandfather clause was added to allow Virginians to keep their AR-15s, AK-47s, and similar rifles if they already own them.

The same will apply to suppressors. However, the NRA-ILA notes that “confiscation is undoubtedly still the end goal.”

There will be no “grandfather” clause in effect should these new bills become law, which will force Virginians into the uncomfortable choice of having their firearms and accessories confiscated or becoming an outlaw in the eyes of state authorities.