SCOTUS Hands Trump Major Loss in Tax Return Fight


Donald Trump may very well be the most investigated US President of all time already, and the Democrats who despise him have plenty more of these fishing expeditions queued up still.

Trump came to Washington DC for the express purpose of obliterating the status quo, which made him a threat to all of the Beltway stalwarts who’ve been padding their pockets as public servants for decades.  So, naturally, they banded together to take aim at him, scouring every inch of his personal and professional life looking for some way to hold his feet to the fire.

No charges have been pressed against him after 6 years’ worth of with hunts, however, and the desperation of those who despise The Don now has the Supreme Court getting involved.

The Supreme Court on Tuesday ordered the handover of former President Trump’s tax returns to the House Ways and Means Committee.

Last month, Chief Justice John Roberts granted a stay, temporarily blocking the former president from having to turn over his tax records to Democrats on the committee.

Trump and his legal team had filed asking the Supreme Court to block the release of his tax records.

There is no legal requirement for a President to release their tax returns publicly, and Trump’s lawyers had long suggested that he keep the records private until the IRS was finished with an ongoing audit.

Of course, with the GOP set to take the House back in January, there’s no telling whether or not the new members of the Ways and Means Committee will have any interest in pursuing the documents any further.