SCARY: Massive Fireball Booms Over Midwest, but Experts Say It’s No Space Rock

In much of the civilized world, and certainly here in the United States, we’re growing accustomed to seeing videos of massive celestial events, including meters and asteroids burning up in the earth’s atmosphere, all thanks to all the tiny, portable cameras we have pointed in all directions all at once.

And so it wasn’t too terrible a surprise to see yet another “fireball” video making the rounds.

An object described by news outlets and witnesses as a “mysterious fireball” briefly shot across the sky early Wednesday, raising widespread speculation about what it might have been.

Reports of unidentified flying objects are hardly new, although some seem to be ranking what looks like a blazing ball shooting across the sky particularly high on the highly-scientific awesome scale.

The footage was rather stunning:

But some scientists had a much different explanation for the harrowing event.

[…] the American Meteorological Society came to a different conclusion than the Channel 4 weatherman, noting that the sighting “was not a natural fireball” but instead appeared to be “the re-entry of an unknown satellite or spent rocket body.”

Given the way that the last two years of human history have gone, someone could tell us that this was the mothership coming to finally say “hi” and very few of us would be truly surprised.